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The Best Product Management Certification Programs

Education is not only helpful to aspiring product managers but also the practicing ones. It offers an avenue to get a better knowledge of the role and so improves efficacy. Product management programs also help to improve the business skills of product professionals.

You have diverse options for enhancing your knowledge in the field. However, product management certification gives more leverage than most. There are different certifications available, including those provided by trade schools.

AIPMM Certified Product Manager

This certification is offered by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM). The body is the leading global association for product professionals, with members spread across over 65 countries.

The course aims to equip those taking part with the key skills they need to be very effective product practitioners. It features 18 modules and study materials along with interactive exercises and quizzes. There’s also a practice exam to help you prepare for the main certification exam.

AIPMM offers its CPM course exclusively through 280 Group. In addition to access to a good collection of useful resources, you have access to different financing options. There is also a chance to be a part of a LinkedIn community.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Offered by Scrum Alliance, this program is more popular among aspiring or current product owners. It helps you to better grasp the basis of Scrum and what it takes to be a product owner. You will find it particularly exciting if you’re more at home with the “business side” of things, according to the certifying organization.

To be certified, you will receive either 14 hours of online training or 16 hours of in-person training with a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). Alternatively, you can get 25 hours of private instruction from a Certified Agile Coach (CAC).

There is currently no requirement for an examination to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner. You’d only need to accept a License Agreement and set up your profile when you’re done with the course. Scrum Alliance, however, requires that you renew your certification every two years by earning Scrum Education Units.

Pragmatic Institute’s Certification

This program offers well-structured, sound training. Pragmatic Institute’s certification brings to bear the knowledge and experience of seasoned product management instructors. Experienced and intermediate product professionals are more commonly those that take the course. You will often see it among the requirements in job listings.

The program is split into six sections, namely: Foundation, Focus, Build, Launch, Price, and The Business of Data Science. It covers everything from roles and responsibilities to building the right products and identifying the best feedback sources. You can choose between online and in-person training.

Product School’s Certifications

The trade school, ProductSchool, offers not one but three different certifications. Your particular experience in the field will determine which to go for. These are:

Product Manager Certificate – This program is targeted at aspiring product managers that have no previous experience. It provides the basic knowledge of what it takes to be a PM and to launch winning products.

Product Leader Certificate – People who already have experience in the field will find this more suitable. The training covers topics such as product strategy, user research, and the design process. Some expertise in data analytics and DevOps as well as hard technical skills is required to do take this on.

Product Executive Certificate – Focusing on topics such as product leadership and growth management, this certification has senior product professionals more as the target. You should ideally have worked in a product leadership role to get the most out of the program.

Product School has advisors at hand to attend to questions of intending students. It has campuses across the globe and training can also be accessed online. The instructors have experience of working with some top, product-led companies, including Google.

General Assembly’s Immersive Program

This is a 10-week certification program for anyone exploring a career in product management. The Product Management Immersive course exposes you to important topics of business, technology, and design as well as communication. You will learn about what it takes to be a good product manager, including the essential skills.

General Assembly says the course is developed by top, practicing PMs. As a participant, you are eligible to participate in the school’s Apprenticeship Program and you can get help in landing a job. Other perks include job preparation programming and free entry to GA classes and workshops. You may also get help in financing your training.

UC Berkeley’s Certificate Program

Universities are also now offering product management courses – notable among them is this one by the University of California at Berkeley. The Product Management Certificate Program is a five-day, immersive course. The main in-person program is preceded by a six-week online part featuring video lectures, readings, a simulated game, and discussions with your fellow students, among others.

The course covers such topics as business model communication, team management, product optimization, and insight gathering. UC Berkeley says it merges the most up-to-date in Design Thinking with the best of its renowned Haas MBA program in this one. The program teaches key things you need to know to better guarantee the delivery of successful products.

Another notable mention apart from the foregoing is the New Product Development Professional Certification. This comes from the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA).

Besides certifications, several other options you have for continuous learning include books, podcasts, and product conferences.

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