Here are just a few use cases AI Assist will enable: 

Jobs to be Done

After creating personas, AI Assist can role-play as that persona, to uncover needs and jobs to be done.  The more information you provide and the more insights you link to that persona, the more informed AI Assist is.  Powerfully navigate mountains of disparate data to identify probable user needs and pain points. 

Feature Ideation

Imagine a platform that learns from user persona, insights, your strategic vision and goals.  As your definition of these pillars inputs grows, AI Assist grows ever-more sophisticated and able to suggest features that will help you meet your goals, by solving for real user needs and desires.   

Portal Updates

AI Assist can also save you time, as you write announcements for your portal.  For example, are you writing an announcement for an upcoming release?  Just link to the release that you’re announcing and AI Assist will share an easy-to-read report on the key Features and requirements (stories) that are going live. 

Productfolio’s AI Assist capability gives your team’s productivity a boost, in ways that directly apply to product planning.   And if that sounds great, this is just the beginning!  Start using Productfolio today and benefit from AI Assist’s capabilities as they grow and improve over time!