Kanban-Based Roadmap

A Kanban-based plan (eg Now, Next, Later) is ideal for more dynamic teams who are working on early stage products and a lot of discovery is involved, since this Kanban format leaves dates out of the picture.  Let your stakeholders and customers know what you’re working on, without boxing yourself into specific deliverables or dates, since there’s still so much discovery to do.

Timeline-Based Roadmap

A timeline-based roadmap is still the most common form of roadmap for mature products and organizations – for good reason!  Successful products often have multiple teams supporting its success such as Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success – and who need to coordinate their efforts.. With the timeline roadmap, you can provide that level of detail, while also sharing filtered versions with different stakeholder groups, to strike that balance. 

Key Features

Whether you’re using a Kanban or Timeline based roadmap, Productfolio provides a robust set of built-in features.