Kickstart your product journey by sharing your product portal with your team, stakeholders, and even your customers. Share updates on your strategy, roadmap, and releases, inviting feedback and suggestions on features you’re considering prioritizing. By fostering collaboration and transparency, Productfolio ensures that everyone is aligned and invested in the success of the product.


Gather 360 insights about your product such as feedback, research, and within your organization. Centralize insights and link them to the features you’re prioritizing and your customer personas, providing evidence of user needs and preferences. This data-driven approach ensures that your product decisions are grounded in real-world insights, leading to more informed and impactful outcomes.


Declare and define the features you’re considering for the roadmap. Create product briefs (PRDs) and write requirements, consolidating all necessary information in one place. By linking customer insights as evidence of what’s needed in each feature, Productfolio helps ensure that your product development efforts are aligned with user needs and expectations.


Prioritize your feature ideas using standard scoring rubrics such as impact vs. effort, benefit vs. cost, weighted impact, ICE, RICE, or WSJF. ProductFolio provides the tools you need to assess and prioritize feature ideas effectively, ensuring that you focus on the initiatives that will deliver the most value to your users and stakeholders.


Create a visually stunning roadmap that you can easily share via your product portal. This roadmap creates a shared understanding of what the team will be working on and when, so you can keep everyone aligned,  as you navigate through your product development journey.


As requirements come together into a unified product backlog, organize them into releases and track progress of the items within each release. Productfolio’s backlog and release planning tool is sophisticated enough to do everything within our integrated environment, or you can sync your release and requirements (use stories) to your team’s favorite project management tool (ex Jira or Linear).