Suggestions Inbox

The Suggestions Inbox is your place for capturing feedback and ideas that come from your product portal. Set up your product portal to allow users to vote on feature candidates, suggest their own ideas, report bugs, and provide general suggestions for improving your product. As you review these suggestions, you can easily move important insights to the Insight Library, as well as archive unhelpful or duplicate items. 

Insights Library

The Insights Library serves as a centralized repository for collecting and organizing insights that inform your product decisions. Whether derived from user research, suggestions from the inbox, or imported lists from other sources, you can tag each insight, set its type (ex need, feature, idea, etc), rate its importance, and link it to related features and goals, providing clear evidence of its relevance and impact on your product strategy.

By leveraging Insights, you can tap into the collective wisdom of your users and the insights gathered from various sources to make informed decisions about what features to prioritize that will drive the best outcomes, as well as defend the decisions you’re making by citing relevant insights.