Productfolio supports a wide range of scoring rubrics (Impact vs Effort, Benefit vs Risk, Weighted Impact, RICE, ICE, and WSJF), allowing teams to evaluate feature candidates from multiple perspectives and dimensions. Whether it’s assessing the potential impact vs. effort required, weighing the benefits against the risks, or calculating the weighted impact of each feature, Productfolio provides the flexibility to choose the scoring method that best aligns with the project’s goals and objectives. .


Productfolio’s visualization matrix for Impact vs. Effort provides a powerful tool for product teams to assess the potential return on investment (ROI) of various initiatives with ease and clarity. By plotting each initiative on a two-dimensional grid, with Impact on the y-axis and Effort on the x-axis, Productfolio enables teams to quickly identify opportunities for maximizing value and minimizing resource expenditure. For example high impact and low effort initiatives would be big wins.  Conversely, an initiative with high effort and low impact would be a big loss.

Details Pages (product briefs)

Once you’re ready to write a “product brief”, you can create an integrated one-pager that collects all the information about the feature, into on place.   You can provide a detailed and nicely-formatted discussion about the feature, create a collection of requirements, add attachments, and update all related meta data such as tags, properties, focus areas etc – all in one place!  You can do all of this from the side tray when clicking on an item or from the dedicated details page that each feature has.  This literally gets all the details about the feature into a single page!