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Product Management Software

Productfolio provides end-to-end product workflow software, to align and empower your team.

Product Strategy


Strategy Definition

Articulate your vision, goals, focus areas, customers, and competitors in a visible and centralized way, to drive greater alignment and understanding with your team.
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Idea Management

Collect your ideas, customer suggestions, and requests from stakeholders - in one organized place. Surface key ideas in the product portal for feedback, and promote to roadmap candidates, when ready.
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Idea Management
Feature Prioritization


Feedback Portal

Surface key ideas for feedback from your stakeholders and customers. Intake new requests and suggestions that can be approved or archived. You can even customize the portal with your brand logo and colors.


Prioritize Candidates

Score and visualize the top roadmap candidates, then easily drag and drop those candidates into a prioritized list, making it easy to communicate what is priority and why. We support multiple scoring rubrics, including Weighted Impact, Impact vs Effort, Benefit vs Risk, ICE, RICE, and WSJF.
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Feature Prioritization
Product Roadmap


Product Roadmap

Create a beautiful visual timeline or Kanban based roadmap. Easily drag & drop candidates to your roadmap from the a prioritized list in your side tray. Save versions that you can easily reference and revert, as needed.
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Product Briefs

Create a 'source of truth' for every roadmap candidate, idea, and story. This is deeply integrated with the Productfolio ecosystem and reflects the same information displayed and updated throughout Productfolio, so everything easily stays in sync.
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Product Requirements Posters
Product Requirements


Product Backlog

Requests and linked project requirements all come together into a single backlog for prioritization and planning. Use this tool to plan releases, push work to JIRA, and track status, from one place.
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Release Management

Collect work into releases, track progress and record when a release occurs. Optionally notify stakeholders when a release is shipped, and easily review what was included in past releases.
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Product Requirements

Why Productfolio?

Team Collaboration

Teams can contribute to shared documents, receive updates, create links, and provide feedback on just about everything, along the way.

Everything in One Place

Keep your roadmap, ideas, priorities, and requirements for all teams, in one place, with a simple and integrated workflow.

Built on Best Practices

Productfolio was built from the ground up, by experienced Product leaders, reflecting Product Management best practices to elevate your product practice and your team.

Customizable for Your Needs

Customize terminology, select roadmap type and cadence, and configure or hide some tools, to fit your organizations needs.

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