Writing a Product Brief

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Product briefs (aka ‘one pagers’) are often written to provide an outline of a problem to be solved, including high-level requirements, as bounds for a solution. Typically each item on the roadmap has a one-pager to drive leadership alignment and guide the team’s solutioning efforts.

Check out our product brief guide for best practices on the topic.

Using Details Pages

You can write product briefs in Productfolio by using the details page that is linked to each of your Features. You can reach the details page by clicking the ‘Details Page’ icon from the side tray that appears on your features list, when you click on an item. Once that tray is open, you’ll see the icon for the details page on the right side.

The details pages provide modules for everything you need to create a product brief, including the following:

  • Summary – write the 1-2 sentence description that will show in the quickview modal.
  • Discussion (rich text) – Long-form content with formatting, tables, and image uploads
  • Requirements – List of requirements and their status. These requirements are listed in the backlog.
  • Attachments – Attach related data and PDF files to make this the canonical source for the feature.
  • Meta Data (about) – Unique ID, focus area and other information about the feature.
  • Opportunity Score – Feature scoring of impact and effort (or other scoring model).
  • Status – The feature project’s health and progress (% completed).
  • Tags – List of tags to make the document easy to find.
  • Comments – Allow team comments as a living discussion about the product brief.

Below is an example of what a product brief might look like, if it were filled in:

Optional Sections

To make the details pages as flexible as possible, some of the sections are optional and can be toggled on/off. To see this, click the ‘Options’ button in the upper-right corner.

Rich Text Editor

The Discussion section provides a robust rich text editor that makes it possible to write formatted content with tables, formatting, images and much more. To see the rich text editor, just click on the Discussion section — the rich-text editor will appear.

Product Requirements

Product requirements (aka user stories) can be created from this details page and will appear in a table on this page. These same requirements will also make their way to the backlog to be prioritized for work.

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