Prioritizing Features Overview

The features section is where you can collect all of the features (aka projects or epics), that you’re considering for your roadmap. You can score the items to see how they compare along a prioritization rubric, and then drag them into appropriate order.

Inline Scoring

Scoring is easy to do by just hovering over the score section of an item and clicking. A modal will appear that looks like the following, which you can use to score the item. Accounts default to using a simple Impact vs Effort scoring model, but paid plans can choose from 6 different scoring rubrics, including Weighted Impact which is shown below.

Sortable Table

You may also have access to a scorecard (shown below), which makes it really easy to compare your scores for each item, across your scoring criteria. and make inline changes as you calibrate.

Visualizing Value

Another tab that may be available depending on the scoring model you’re using, is Visualize View. This makes it very easy to see which features provide the greatest (and least) return on effort. See Visualize View for more information.

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