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Support for for this feature depends on your subscription plan.

It is easy to check and track the status of features and you can find this information in two places – the sortable table and the side tray.

For the Sortable Table, click on the Features tab (diamond icon), then click the Sortable Table sub-tab. From here, you’ll see all properties about each feature, in tabular form.

The other option is to simply click an item from the Prioritize sub-tab when you first arrive in the Features section. You’ll see a side tray open with details about that feature, including status details.


Health is a simple color code that indicates if there is concern about the feature or if it is on track.  Available color codes are:

  • Green – Healthy
  • Yellow – At Risk
  • Red – Blocked
  • Gray – paused
  • Blue – completed


Progress is a numeric value representing the percent complete of the feature.  For example, a feature that is half complete can be indicated to be 50%. 

There are two options for deriving the % complete , which can be selected from the dropdown on this modal:

  • Manual (explicit) – you can use a slider to indicate the % that is completed.
  • Automatic (implicit) – the number can be derived from the number of requirements in the Releases section for this Feature, and what number of those are complete vs incomplete.
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