Roadmap Candidates Tray

The Candidates tray is the side tray that appears on the right side of your roadmap and lists the prioritized and scored features (from the Prioritize section). This makes it easy to see the top priority items from your prioritization efforts, and drag them onto the roadmap canvas. We call these candidates for two reasons: (a) it means you’re considering it to be added to your roadmap and (b) it one of the states that you can assign a Features, meaning it is ready for consideration, but not yet on the roadmap.

To drag an item, simply hover over it and click while dragging the item. You can also drag an item back to the tray, if you want to remove it from the roadmap.

Open/Close Tray

The Candidates tray can be closed by clicking the right arrow in the upper-right corner. This will cause the tray to retract.

Similarly, when the tray is not visible, click the tab that is docked on the right edge, to cause it to display again.

Filtering Tray Display

At the top of the Candidates Tray, you will find a couple controls search and sort items. These tools can be helpful, if you have a lot of candidates in your list and they’re not at the top of your prioritized list of candidates.

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