Sprint Planning

Support for for this feature depends on your subscription plan.

Sprint planning is a common ceremony for product development teams that practice Scrum and something you easily do with Productfolio. There are three tools that enable this, under the Backlog tab:

  1. Backlog Prioritization – collect, groom, and organize requirements, stories, and tasks.
  2. Releases – organize items into releases and record when they’re completed.
  3. Activity Board – easily track the status of items in a release using a Kanban board to update.

There are two ways to use Productfolio for sprint planning – you can do everything directly within Productfolio,or you can sync Productfolio with Jira.

Invite Your Team

You can invite your team and assign them a Contributor role to enable them to update status and add tickets to the backlog.

Connect with Jira (optional)

Rather than inviting your entire team into Productfolio, you can also integrate with JIRA, if that is a tool they prefer to use.

To facilitate this, Productfolio can sync with Jira to push release items (requirements, stories, tasks) into Jira. And when the status of items is updated inside of Jira, those updates are reflected back in Productfolio. This allows the Product Manager to manage the strategy, ideas, prioritization, and roadmap in Productfolio, while pushing the details to Jira for the team to take action on.See the Jira Integration guide for more details on how to enable this use case.

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