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Release management is the process of organizing sets of work items (stories, requirements, tasks), planning when they’ll be done, tracking their progress, and keeping track of when those sets of work were completed.

The following steps demonstrate how you can do all of these activities with Productfolio.

Create a Release

The first step is to create. release. You can do this by clicking on the plus icon button and selecting ‘New Release’.

When the flag is clicked , you’ll see the following modal. When you complete this modal, a new section will appear at the top of your backlog, similar to the three shown in this above screenshot.

Add Items to Release

Once you’ve created your release(s), you can add items the release(s) by simply dragging them in from your backlog.

Update Status of Items

After adding items to your release(s), switch to the Activity tab to easily manage the status of items in a release. The Activity tab provides a Kanban board that you can use to drag your items across to reflect their status.

There are 5 status options for items in the backlog:

  • Draft *
  • To Do
  • Doing
  • Review
  • Done

* note – Draft status is only for items in the backlog. And Item will be updated to ‘To Do’ when it is added to a release.

Complete a Release

Once the items in a release are all in ‘Done’ status, the release is ready to be completed and moved to the release log. To do this, click the ‘Complete Release’ button.

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