User Permissions & Roles

This feature is only available for Business plan accounts (paid subscribers).

This is a Team plan feature. See subscription plans to learn more.

What Are User Roles?

For Team plan subscribers, it is possible to assign one of three roles to users of an account:

  • Administrator – ability to edit content of Workspaces but also to control other aspects of the account such as adding users, workspaces, and integrations (Jira).
  • Contributor – ability to add, edit, and remove content fromwWorkspaces to which the user has access.
  • Stakeholder – Read-only access. Stakeholders can also provide feedback on ideas and leave comments.

Assigning a User Role

You can assign a role to a user on the Account > Users tab. Click the role indicated for that user and you’ll see the dropdown appear, where you can select a role for that user.

User Access to Workspaces

There are two ways to control which Workspaces a user has access to:

  1. When Adding/Editing a user from Account > Users, the user modal will provide a list of Workspaces that you can select to enable for this user.
  2. When Adding/Editing a Workspaces from Account > Workspaces, the you will see a Team column which displays the count of current team members for that Workspaces. Click that number to see who has access to that Workspace currently, and use this to add/edit users associated with the Workspace.

Role Permissions

Beyond simply assigning a role to each users, Team plans can also further tune which permissions each role has. Use this to control who can import/export lists, leave comments and access the ideas portal.

To update, simple check or uncheck boxes for the permissions table on Account > Settings page. Click ‘Save’ once you’re done.

Updated on 08/28/2023

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