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Productplan is the original roadmapping tool and its still one of the best for this purpose. It is fundamentally different from the full-featured product management tools however, such as Productfolio , Productboard, and Aha. For example, its capabilities in prioritization are minimal and there’s not much capability in defining the details or requirements of an item on the roadmap. Still, its a really good tool if all you need is a roadmap, and that makes it relevant to teams beyond just product management as well. – try Productfolio today!→

Key Features
User Experience (UX/UI)
Account Management
Strategy Definition
Discovery (Ideas & Insights)
Feature Mgmt (scoring & definition)
Requirements Mgmt
Integration Options
Pricing Summary (per user/mo) Free, $10-20 $40-80
Overall Rating 4.0 2.4

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