How Does Productfolio Measure Up?

We at Productfolio are proud of the product we've built and confident that we provide one of the best Product Management software, at the very best price. To demonstrate this point, we put together a product management tools comparison sheet. Check out this detailed analysis of how we stack. up to our competitors.


Full-featured and best known for their Intercom integration and insights mgmt.
Productfolio vs Productboard→


Original full-feature product tool, it is established within larger enterprises.
Productfolio vs Aha!→


The most advanced roadmapping tool but limited to just roadmapping.
Productfolio vs ProductPlan→


Roadmapping tool similar to ProductPlan. Recently introduced prioritization features.
Productfolio vs Roadmunk→


Recent entrant to the market, focusing on prioritization and planning.
Productfolio vs Airfocus→


Original product mgmt tool. Geared toward startups and earlier-stage products.
Productfolio vs ProdPad→

Competitive Summary

Of the 7 Product Management tools in the market, Productfolio comes out on top, because of the easy-to-use interface and capabilities in strategy definition, one-page product briefs, requirements, and overall lower cost. Aha and Productboard respectively, round out the three.

Key Features
User Experience (UX/UI)
Account Management
Strategy Definition
Discovery (Ideas & Insights)
Feature Mgmt (Scoring & definition)
Requirements Mgmt
Integration Options
Pricing Summary (per user/mo) $10 – 20* $20-100 $20-100 $40-80 $20-100 $20-80 $50*
Overall Rating Red Question Mark X Comments - Font Awesome Question Circle - Free  Transparent PNG Clipart Images Download 4.0 3.2 3.3 2.4 1.4 2.0 3.1

* Productfolio also offers a free plan for individuals

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Price Comparison

Productfolio has a clear lead in terms of cost, as it is lower than any of its competitors. The only tools that come close are Roadmunk and AirFocus, which are less full-featured by comparison.

Trial 30 days 15 days 30 days 14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Free (startup plan) Statup/EDU No Yes No No No No
Basic (user/mo) $12 $20 $20 N/A $19 $19 $149 (3 users)
Team $29 $50 N/A $39 $49 $39 $449 (10 users)
Pro $49 $100 $100 $79 $99 $79 $1299 (50 users)
Enterprise Option N/A call call call N/A call
Annual Discount 20% 16% 20% 20% 20% 30% 30%

Account Management

Productfolio is tied with Aha and ProdPad for account management. Each of these tools offers multiple products per account, role-based permissions, and import/export capabilities.

Multiple products per account x x x x x x
Role-based permissions x x x x x
Import/Export x x x x x
Retrievable Archives x x x
SSO x x x x
Customizable features x x x
Customizable Terminology x x
Stakeholder portal x

Strategy Definition

Productfolio is also on top for strategy definition, providing a centralized place to articulate vision, customer segments, market competitors, along with planning objectives and themes for scoring and organization. Aha! and ProdPad are close contenders in this area but not as robust or well-organized as Productfolio.


Vision Definition x x x
Personas Definition x x x
Goal/Objectives Definition x x x
Team/Theme definition x x x

Discovery (Idea & Insight Mgmt)

Discovery for a product management tool refers to support for user insights and research, ideas collection, and feedback management. In this case, ProductBoard is the leader currently, though Productfolio is the runner up.

Feedback/voting portal x x x x x
Ideas Management x x x x
Insights / Feedback Mgmt x x x
Stakeholder requests x x x
Promote ideas to project scoring x x
Link insights to ideas x x
User Interviews x
In-app embed (for direct feedback) x


In the case of roadmapping, it is ProductPlan that rises to the top, with the most full-featured and capable roadmap. Productfolio, Productboard, and Roadmunk each have pretty good roadmaps too though, and are the runners up after Productplan currently, along this dimension.

Easy Drag and Drop x x x x x x x
Timeline Roadmap x x x x x x
Lean Roadmap x x x x x
Export as image x x x x
Inline Progress x x x x
Multiple Roadmaps per product x x x x x
Color Legend x x x
Saved Filtered Views x x x
Milestones x x x
Share Links x x
Embeddable containers x
Save version history x x

Feature Management

Some people call the features others call them projects or even epics – these are the chunks of work that are large enough to put onto a roadmap. This is the level at which product prioritization and planning happens, and this is an area where Productfolio really shines! In addition to multiple scoring models, and side-by-side scoring, Productfolio offers a robust product brief page, for every feature project in the list.

Project scoring x x x x x x
Multiple Scoring Models x x x
Side-by-side scorecard x x x x
Impact vs Effort Visualization x x x
Status tracking x x x
Wiki-style product briefs (PRDs) x

Requirements Management

Lastly, every feature project has requirements associated with it and its important to be able to trace those through and not just have them live in a separate system such as Jira. Productfolio and Aha are the only to solutions that address this and they are tied on this point.

Release Planning x x x
Requirements backlog x x
Story-level prioritization (Kanban) x x


All said, Productfolio comes out on top, punching above its wait for a relatively new product, and for a lower cost than all of them. We’re proud of what we’ve built and hope you’ll check it out, when you’re evaluating Product Management tools for your organization.

Side-by-Side Comparisons

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