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Next-Gen Product Discovery & Planning

Productfolio feels simple and easy-to-use but is packed with the features you'd expect, covering the full lifecycle from discovery to release. Collect feedback and suggestions. Define product briefs that are deeply integrated with your workflow, prioritize opportunities, drag the best opportunities onto the roadmap. Plan releases, and share the parts that matter most via your custom product portal.

Product Strategy


Strategy Definition

Give your product plan a solid foundation by articulating your vision, goals, focus areas, and customer needs -- all on your workspace's homepage. This creates greater visibility and helps drive greater alignment across the team. See more →


Branded Feedback Portal

Create a custom portal with your own logo and brand color. Use your portal to collect suggestions and ask collaborators to vote and leave feedback on initiatives you're considering for your roadmap. See more →

Idea Management
Feature Prioritization


Suggestions Inbox

Check out the suggestions provided by your customers and/or stakeholders. Intake new ideas and requests, tag related themes, and if something is actionable, link it to an Initiative for requirement. All from one place.


Prioritize Features

Score your feature candidates, visualize their value on a chart, and stack-rank your priorities. We support popular scoring rubrics, including Impact vs Effort, Benefit vs Risk, Weighted Impact, RICE, ICE, and WSJF. See more →

Feature Prioritization
Product Roadmap


Product Roadmap

Create a beautiful visual timeline or Kanban-based roadmap. Drag candidate initiatives on to your roadmap from the side tray. Save versions that you can easily reference and revert. Create saved filters and shareable links to share the right version, with the right audience. See more →


Product Briefs & PRDs

Write detailed product briefs and collect all the details about a given feature or initiative, on one page, including requirements, and supporting discovery evidence such as user feedback. This is accessible from any point in your workflow, with one click!

Product Requirements Posters
Product Requirements


Release Planning

Define releases (or sprints) and drag requirements into the releases, directly from your backlog and optionally sync requirements with Jira. See more →


Release Management

Track the progress of requirements in a release and easily update the state by dragging those requirements across swimlanes. And once the release is done, mark it as complete so you have a history of what was released and when.

Product Requirements

Why Productfolio?

Simple, Easy to Use

We prioritize simple, easy-to-use solutions over the infinitely flexible but complex.  We have a few power features and customizable options too, but we lead with intuitive simplicity.

Affordable Solution

A workflow solution shouldn't break the bank! We strive to make Productfolio accessible to teams of all sizes and regions, and our pricing reflects that.  

Everything in One Place

Productfolio gathers all your product details and artifacts in one system, keeping everything in sync, and making it easy to access those details within 1-2 clicks, from any step in the flow.

We Empower Teams

Our mission is to make product teams look good! This is reflected in everything we do, from incorporating best practices, to providing learning resources and Gen AI that empowers, not replaces.

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