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Management Software

We offer a basic Starter plan, for individuals and early-stage startups. The plan does not expire and no credit card is required. Give it a try!

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Free Product Management Software

Productfolio provides end-to-end product workflow software, packed with industry-leading features. Our free Starter plan is a great way to get started, with no cost or risk. The following features are included in the free Starter plan.

Product Strategy


Strategy Definition

Give your product execution a solid foundation by articulating your strategic vision, goals, focus areas on your workspace's homepage. This creates greater visibility and helps drive greater alignment across the team.
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Prioritize Initiatives

Score your initiatives, visualize their value on a chart, and stack-rank your priorities. Our free basic plan offers Impact vs Effort and ICE storing.
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Idea Management
Product Roadmap


Product Roadmap

Create a beautiful visual timeline or Kanban based roadmap. Easily drag & drop candidates to your roadmap from the a prioritized list in your side tray.
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Product Backlog

Requests and linked project requirements all come together into a single backlog for prioritization and planning. With an integrated backlog.
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Product Requirements

Why Productfolio?

Simple & Easy to Use

We prioritize simple, easy-to-use solutions over the infinitely flexible but complex.  We have a few power features and customizable options too, but we lead with intuitive simplicity.

Free Starter Plan (and affordable to upgrade)

A workflow solution shouldn't break the bank! We strive to make Productfolio accessible to teams of all sizes and regions, and our pricing reflects that.  

Everything in One Place

Productfolio gathers all your product details and artifacts in one system, keeping everything in sync, and making it easy to access those details within 1-2 clicks, from any step in the flow.

Empowering Teams

Our mission is to make product teams look good! This is reflected in everything we do, from incorporating best practices, to providing learning resources and Gen AI that empowers, not replaces.

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Signup for our Free Starter Plan

Our free Starter plan is perfect for individuals and startups with a limited budget. The plan doesn't expire and no credit card required. Upgrade to more powerful features at any time, without missing a beat.

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